J'ai laissé sonner une heure pensant que mon heure avais sonné...

I'm facing an huge writer block for my fic Be There or Be Square so I don't know when I will be able to update it, it's really frustrating.
I'm truly sorry for those who follow this fic and I hope you'll understand and be patient ^^"
Thanksfully I'm still inspired enough to write oneshots like this one, which is based on this song :
L'heure avait sonné , by Joyce Jonathan.
I felt the need to write something about the distance between YunJae and the fact that they haven't been in contact for so long.
Also I want to share a thought for all the people in Japan who are going through a hard time because of the earthquake.
[info]bexy31  I'm glad to know you're safe and I dedicate this oneshot to you
(even if it's actually not that great but I couldn't do better :S)


J'ai laissé sonner une heure pensant que mon heure avait sonné
J'ai lésé tous les bonheurs, pendant ce temps-là tu m'oubliais
J'ai laissé sonner une heure pensant que mon heure avait sonné
Moi je t'attendais dehors, pendant ce temps tu m'oubliais

C'est fou ce qu'on peut être con
L'amour rend parfois trop con
Parfois trop...
On chasse ce qu'il y a de pire
Pour croire et pour s'épanouir
Parfois trop...     

You tried calling him again today. 
Once again you couldn't even reach him.  
You don't know anymore if it's because you have the wrong number,
if he refuses to pick up the phone because he knows it's you and doesn't want to talk to you, 
or if it's because he doesn't recognize the number and thinks it's a prank call. 
It could also be because he is busy or didn't hear his phone ringing or an even worse reason, 
such as him enjoying a date with a beautiful woman, or him being sick.  
You just don't know.  
But whatever the reason is, he isn't picking up and it's killing you.     

J'ai laissé sonner une heure pensant que mon heure avait sonné. J'ai lésé tous les bonheurs, pendant ce temps-là tu m'oubliais
J'ai laissé sonner une heure pensant que mon heure avait sonné
Moi je t'attendais dehors, pendant ce temps tu m'oubliais

A ta porte je me revois
Les fleurs à la main, je l'aperçois
Une autre que moi        

Your phone rings and you quickly glance at the screen, an unknown number flashing through it. 
You debate wether picking up or not. 
"Maybe it's him", you think.
But you soon dismiss the stupid hope that he is, indeed, the one calling.
It's probably some fans, or antis, who managed, god knows how, to get a hold of your number.
And, though you don't want to admit it, you're not even sure you would have answered if you
were sure it was him anyways.
The ringing finally stops and you lay back on your bed, clutching your phone in your hand.
The sudden silence is killing you.

J'ai laissé sonner une heure pensant que mon heure avait sonné
J'ai lésé tous les bonheurs, pendant ce temps-là tu m'oubliais
J'ai laissé sonner une heure pensant que mon heure avait sonné
Moi je t'attendais dehors, pendant ce temps tu m'oubliais

J'ai laissé sonner une heure pensant que mon heure avait sonné
J'ai lésé tous les bonheurs, pendant ce temps-là tu m'oubliais
J'ai laissé sonner une heure pensant que mon heure avait sonné
Moi je t'attendais dehors, pendant ce temps tu m'oubliais.....

Want to help JYJ ? Then please read, sign and spread this petition !

This is the fans answer to KEPA's petition, please support JYJ by signing it. Thanks.


Edit :  I saw some comments on the jyjfiles which were contesting/doubting some facts stated in the petition and asking for evidences. I'm gonna post a few links which I think prove that what is written in this petition is based on articles and solid facts. Feel free to check the sources.










Plus this link, wich proves that in the past SM and some other big companies already bribed broadcast stations etc. and used not so legal methods to do business and earn money (this is an old article but unfortunately not much has changed in the korean music industry after all these years) :


And then for those who still claim that JYJ's contracts are fair and legal here is an interesting and very similar case which is Kevin Woo's (from UKiss) case :




And of course there are all the articles from :  thejyjfiles.wordpress.com/

And some interesting articles regarding the whole situation since the beginning of the lawsuit can also be found here :



















































About the use/ownership/copyright of the name TVXQ/DBSK Tohosomnia also explained everything here :



I know it's a lot of articles to read and I'm sorry I just copied/pasted the links without really organizing them chronogically but otherwise it would have taken me too much time ^^" Though, if you're really interested in JYJ/TVXQ and wish to know more about the lawsuit, all the controversies it provocated etc. I warmly encourage you to read all the articles linked above and then to form your own opinion on the matter.

Be there or be square : chapter 20/?

I'm finally back ! 
Sorry for the long hiatus but I also started uni again one week ago and I'm gonna be very busy so I still don't think I'll update very often but at least here is a new chapter ^^" 

Title: Be there or be square
Author: kokoromiya7
Genre: Romance, High School, Smut, Angst
Pairing: Yunjae
Rating: NC-17
Length: 20/ ?
Summary: Jaejoong is a square but what happens when his main bully found out his secrets and made him his sex slave ?

Prologue | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 | Chapter 10 | Chapter 11 | Chapter 12 | Chapter 13 | Chapter 14 | Chapter 15 | Chapter 16 | Chapter 17 | Chapter 18 | Chapter 19

Chapter 20 :
Show Time

Jaejoong progressively undoes the first buttons of his thin, almost see-through white shirt, his body still following the beat of the music in a sensual way. Collapse )

I can't believe the hearing got delayed !!! >.<

[TRANS] [INFO JYJ LAWSUIT] "18 Jan was originally supposed to be the date for pleading. On 12 Jan, SM brought forward a petition to delay the date for pleading. On 14 Jan, JYJ submitted their preparatory documents ( SM's petition to delay the pleading was disapproved and they were supposed to go ahead with the original planned date). On 17 Jan, the Court decided to hold the pleadings on the 18th as originally planned. The person in charge of finance at SM appealed as an eye witness. On 18 Jan, this same person did not make an appearance at the pleadings. This became the reason why the date for pleading was pushed to March. The eyewitness who did not appear in court is not from JYJ's side but was an eyewitness brought forward by SM. But because the person who proposed himself as an eyewitness did not turn up, the reason why the judge keeps delaying the date is cos regardless of whether he is from JYJ or SM's side, it will not make a difference to this decision. For JYJ's side, because the judgement keeps getting delayed, after hearing this decision which will be a blow to their entertainment activities, they are appealing to the judgement group to first release a part of their decision (not the final decision with regards to the case, but what they have decided on so far). "

I can't believe the hearing got delayed to the 15th of march, it's 2 months away, 2 fucking more months to wait ! The whole story started in 2009 for god's sake, when will it end ?!
And seriously, SM's witness didn't show up ? How lame is that SM ? We all know that when a witness doesn't show up the judge has to delay the hearing in order to be "fair" so who are you kidding here ? Well, you wanted a delay and now you got it, I guess you're happy...

And people still defend SM by saying that it isn't their fault that the hearing got delayed since it was the court's decision and that SM is a great company etc. *shakes head*

Please, read this too ^^ :

" 2006

CF Model Yoo Minho’s Lawsuit Against SM Ent.- Courts Rule To Nullify Entertainers’ Slave Contracts

Oppression in Our Entertainers’ Contracts: Kim Jihoon As SM Ent.’s Slave?

A Talent Agency That’s Unable to Change It’s Habit of Signing Slave Contracts


TVXQ’s Complaints: “A 15 Year Contract Including The Period of Their Mandatory Military Service, and Profits of 0.4% Per Person”

“We are exhausted both physically and mentally from the intensive schedules both planned and initiated one-sidedly by our agency for the last 5 years since we debuted.”

“Except for 1 week in an entire year, we ran schedules that allowed us to get only 3-4 hours of sleep per day.”

“A 13 year contract, in reality, meant a life-long contract. Including the time we would need to complete our military service, this contract would lengthen to over 15 years. This meant that there were still almost 10 years left in our contracts. Realistically, this meant that we would be bound until we retired from the Entertainment Industry.”

“If you read the terms and conditions outlined in the contract regarding profits from album sales, you’ll find that, only under the condition that over 500 000 copies of an album were sold, would the members then, each receive around $8500 USD. But if the minimum number of albums sold were not met, they would not earn a single cent of their own profits.”

“It was only on February 6th, 2009 that this condition was finally revised. However, even after this amendment, the division of profits was still that each member was only able to receive 0.4%-1% of their profits, depending on the sales of the particular release.”
Park Chansong: “TVXQ’s ‘Slave Contract’ With SM Finally Exposed.”

*Because the members of TVXQ were minors (under the age of 19), the longest possible period for a contract of 13 years was decided upon so that, compared to the general length of activity for an entertainer, this would mean that they would be bound for life.
* They established a penalty that was two times more than they would have made even if they had continued with their activities for the full contract period.
* The appropriate documents was not shown to those involved at the time the contract was established
* They stabbed the members in the back with the condition that they would not be paid for their work unless over 500 000 copies of the album were sold, and only $8500 USD each even if this was the case.
* “The agency abused the fact that the members of TVXQ had been minors and in the vulnerable position of a new artist to establish an unfair contract and claim an unjustified portion of the profits.”

The Lawsuit Between Hankyung and SM…The Details of Super Junior’s Contract Exposed

The biggest issue was concerning the division of profits. Only after selling more than 50 000 copies of an album do the members of Super Junior receive 2% of the profits. Because of the current state of the music industry, not only is it not an easy feat to sell more than 50 000 copies of an album to begin with, but depending on the conditions of each of their contracts, the actual sum of the profits going back to each of the members may be a mere fraction of that 2%. Even in the case of their 3rd album, that sold 250 000 copies, the sum allocated to each of the 13 members was not even $3500 USD.

Not only that, but another big problem lies in the fact that 250 000 copies in the current state of the music industry, is the most impressive looking number to have sold. Also, Super Junior’s contract period is also 13 years, like TVXQ. Because in the case of Hankyung, he will only have been free from SM Entertainment at the age of 35, this contract is being evaluated as a slave contract. In addition, in the case that he did chose to end the contract, the penalty would be comparable to the sum of 3 times the total invested into the group by SM and 2 times the total fortune that would have been amassed throughout the full period of the contract.

(slave contract)

Claims of “Forging the Signatures of the 3 Members of TVXQ for the Shenzhen, China Concert”

According to statements released by the representative of the 3 TVXQ members on the 24th, “Korean and Chinese fans brought it to the attention of the authorities that the signatures of the 3 DBSK members on the confirmation documents for the concert in Shenzhen may have been forged. Upon closer investigation, it has been revealed that this was indeed true.”

In addition, he added that “SM has aroused issues as serious as sending someone to forge the signatures despite the fact that the 3 TVXQ members never agreed to participate the in Shenzhen concert.”

(Forgery of legal documents)

[+ ofc all the problems with Shinhwa and H.O.T. that we already know about :

"TIME asia
Show Me the Money
When they were at the height of their popularity, members of the Korean boy band H.O.T. began to suspect their golden fame was dross. The contracts they had signed with production house SM Entertainment called for each band member to receive royalties of less than 1 for every CD sold; members of other groups were getting 17. Arithmetic revealed the ugly truth: whenever one of their albums reached the magic 1 million-copies-sold milestone, each H.O.T. member could count on payment totaling a paltry $10,000. Heck, U.S. pop diva Mariah Carey earlier this year was paid $28 million by music label EMI to not record four albums. After fruitless renegotiations with SM Entertainment founder Lee Su Man last spring, three of H.O.T.'s five members split from the company, killing the band and breaking the hearts of millions of teenage fans. "We would complain that we never had enough money," says ex-H.O.T. singer Tony An, "and Lee Su Man would say: 'I even pay for your gas, what are you complaining about?'"
Next week, the Korea Fair Trade Commission is expected to release results of a three-month investigation into possible collusion by the music industry's biggest production houses, which are suspected of practices that allegedly limit rivalry and keep CD prices artificially high. "We want free and fair competition," says Lee Dong Kyu, a spokesperson with the governmental watchdog body. "We want consumers to be able to enjoy high-quality music at low prices."
But another part of the commission's probe examines allegations that naive young singers, willing to cut any deal for a shot at fame, are being locked into unfair "slave contracts" that enrich their managers while leaving the stars in relative penury. The issue first gained attention in 1999 when a three-sister act called Hans Band sued its production company, Yedang Entertainment, claiming its contract was grossly unfair and, moreover, it had only been paid $15,000—a fraction of what it was owed—after two successful albums. Some reports said the popular stars received welfare payments to make ends meet. After suits and countersuits, Yedang agreed to cut two years off the band's five-year contract.
Industry executives defend the country's music industry system, under which fledgling singers serve apprenticeships with production companies before going commercial. The firms foot the bill for music and dance training, for stars' cars, costumes, managers and other expenses. Producers estimate it costs about $400,000 to groom and launch a new performer. Until outlays sunk into the careers of rookies have been amortized, producers are loath to cut them a bigger piece of the pie.
Korea's big names and big talents aren't on welfare, of course—most can afford the expensive trappings of the pop star lifestyle. But An says his resentment of his former employer, SM Entertainment, doesn't stem from greed. An is sore that he was treated like a perishable commodity rather than as a person. If Lee had been willing to address their contract concerns, "we probably wouldn't have left," An says sadly. "It was more about the human touch than the money."
— With reporting by Kim Yeoshin/Seoul ]

Anyways, let's stay strong and wait for the 15th march, it's all we can do now...

What do you answer to that SM ?

NEWS] CreaBeau speaks out on TVXQ Issue
Author: DBSKindo | Posted at: 12.11 | Filed Under: crebeau, dbsk lawsuit, news, sm entertainment, translations |

It seems we finally have word from the company that seems to be tangled in this mess.

When the TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki controversy first began, the three members and their lawyers clearly stated that the three members’ investments in the CreBeau cosmetics line did not have any relevance to the court case. The core of the controversy was the legal issues of the slave contract. In SM Entertainment’s opening statement, they stated that the lawsuit was because of the cosmetics issue.

To clear up the confusion, Kang Suk Won, the President of the Korean branch of CreBeau (Wishop Plus) was interviewed. Kang has already sued SME’s CEO Kim Young Min for slander to the Seoul Central Court on October 4th, 2009.

Kang said, “Although this case is obviously to fight the unfair profit splits and the conflict between the members and SME, SME is trying to push the blame onto CreBeau.”

Kang went on to reveal that the three members have only invested approximately 70,000 dollars, 60,000 dollars, and 40,000 dollars respectively. This amount, he said, was not enough to earn the three members rights to ownership of the business, let alone a big part of the profit.

Kang said, “In May 2009, some SME representatives visited the original branch of CreBeau Cosmetics in China twice. They determined that the members were not going against contract terms in any way, and now SME is distorting the true reason behind the case and putting out ridiculous claims… SME said that the whole lawsuit was due to the members’ wanting to continue a business that went against contract terms. This has no credibility in that SME has already approved of the investments previously. The members wouldn’t risk all the things that they gained as TVXQ by creating a conflict with their company over insignificant investments. It was a private investment, and the three have no ownership over the business in any way. They’re merely investors, nothing less, nothing more. What does this have to do with the lawsuit, and why is SME attempting to connect the two together?”

Kang went on to say that SME’s actions have brought about significant harm to the business not only in Korea, but all over Asia, including China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, and even the United States. For the employees and CEOs all over the world, CreBeau is their sole income. SME should have considered the impact its blames would bring to the business and the people involved in it.

“If SME’s company and its profits are so important that they are willing to harm others for it, then SME should recognize that it is the same for others.” Kang went on to say that “If SME does not stop distorting the truth and doesn’t apologize for the harms it brought upon CreBeau, I will not hesitate to reveal the details of SME’s absurd act to the public and to the court.”

Source: Daum Media
Credit: Allkpop
Shared by: DBSKnights

And today is the day the hearing will finally take place since the court rejected SM's demand to (once again) delay it ^^
But, do you know if this is really the final hearing ? Because I read it isn't and that there will still have to have 2 or 3 more meetings before the court's final decision :S Does anyone have any infos about this ?
Anyways, JYJ fighting !!  *crosses fingers*

And for those who aven't read it yet please, go to this blog : thejyjfiles.wordpress.com/ 
All their articles are SO interesting and well written and totally help us to understand the situation better.

Someting just doesn't seem right with Homin's latest interviews... O_o

So recently, and following the first interview in which HoMin finally talked about JYJ, (remember, te one with Changmin's "swarm of geese" metaphor etc.) a lot of new interviews have been published and HoMin also talk about JYJ but this time they are much softer (in particular Changmin since Yunho was never really harsh in the first place). I was a bit confused about how Changmin's words could change so much from an interview to the other and then I found out that KCassies as are confused as I am. I was reading HoMin's latest interview on sharingyoochun (here is the link : sharingyoochun.net/2011/01/15/trans-tvxq-responds-to-the-controversy-of-the-lyrics-aimed-at-jyj-this-is-just-a-misunderstanding/ ) and by reading the comments I found something really fishy. Read these comments and you'll know what I mean, I copied and pasted them here for you if you're too lazy to check the original website :

" (this is what i heard).

when the harsh article came out ( it came out on both online and offline news), the reaction of fans was so chaotic that rite after that all the online news disappeared. but fans managed to screencap all those online news ( allkpop had the screencap ). fans speculate it’s sm’s doing after seeing the uproar.

then the next day softer versions of the article came out.

that’s what i heard.

By: haphuong91 on January 15, 2011
at 1:39 am


  • I saw the screen caps.
    Yeah allkpop had a hard time cause people wanted them to prove the translation so they had to quickly find other sources so they just thought it would be easier to screen cap in case it got taken down…which help them in the end cause being were just insulting their site like crazy at first.

    By: Akria on January 15, 2011
    at 1:44 am

By: respect on January 15, 2011
at 2:01 am


hi im a korean cassie..
one thing i can say for a fact is that the first version of the article actually got pulled off the same day (not a single one left) and the revised versions came the next day.
korean cassies got very confused cuz the first version of the article got deleted not only from one krn website but all the krn websites.
im sure u’ll be able to search for the first version of the article captured by fans.
hew.. homin’s got a nice powerful back-up. "

Fishy fishy, ne ? And if you pay attention, it's true that in all their new interviews Homin were very careful not too say anything too harsh about JYJ so as no to upset fans. They even said they wanted them back, were waiting for them etc., which is REALLY great but something seems off there. I mean, Yunho never really said anything harsh against JYJ but Changmin seemed quite bitter and resentful. I guess since a lot of fans didn't enjoy/were worried/shocked by Changmin's metaphor about the geese maybe they are trying too calm things down. But what is strange is that the first version of the interview vanished just like that and was replaced with a softer one. I'm not saying SM was afraid of the fans' reaction and decided to do something to reassure them by censuring this interview but it sure looks like it. What do you guys think ? Isn't it kind of weird ?

Oh and what do you think about Yunho saying that JYJ never tried to contact them ? And what about JJ's tweet ? Tell me your thoughts :)

OMO, they finally said something !!!

I just read this on allkpop : www.allkpop.com/2011/01/tvxq-expresses-their-thoughts-about-their-comeback-and-jyj
But it gave me mixed feelings, looks like they really don't agree with JYJ leaving SM...They seem quite bitter too T.T
A little extract here :

TVXQ is a team that was created by SM. Whatever their motive was for withdrawing from the group, we waited for them solve their problems with the company and come back to us.

Changmin expressed, “We thought we needed to protect TVXQ’s name. When a swarm of geese prepare to migrate, they never forget to make the correct formation. I don’t think it’s right when a few of the geese who chose to broke away still considered themselves as part of the flock.”

With JYJ being unable to make appearances on TV shows and broadcasts, there have recently been an influx of speculations regarding the situation between TVXQ and JYJ. TVXQ expressed, “It’s not like our hearts are comfortable about this either. We are suffering difficulties, we just feel it’s more appropriate if we don’t say it.”

When asked whether the meanings of ‘betrayal’ and ‘regret’ in their “Keep Your Head Down” track was aimed towards the absent members, Yunho replied, “When you listen to the song, it is possible to think the song is talking about them, considering the similar situations. However each person’s interpretation of the song is different, and it’s only about a man who is sending away his previous love.”

Yunho also added, “In my darkest moments, I thought about TVXQ being forgotten. It’s true that we’re becoming more distant with those friends. We needed to solve this inner grudge but we hadn’t been in contact for such a long time, and as a leader of a group for 8 years, it hurt a lot.”

I don't know what to think anymore, I'm so so confused...

Ok so this is not an update of my fic since I still don't feel like writing but I was browsing the internet and I found some sites which seemed very interesting to me. It is about the JYJ/HoMin's situation and with all the things wich happened recently I have a lot to say too.

First, about HoMin's comeback as TVXQ with "Keep your Head Down" :
I won't lie, I felt upset about it. About the song and the MV, I think they are all right (minus YH's weird rapping and CM's screams + all the flames at the end of the MV which just looked a bit too much imo) and eventhough I don't like all the songs in the album it's still okay too. However, as everyone else pointed out I couldn't help but notice how ambiguous the lyrics actually are.. Even if SM and HoMin said that the song is about : " a man’s anger towards the woman that threw him away.That’s all.” (Yunho) I can't help but think otherwise. If the lyrics were so clear how come so many people instantly thought it was directed to JYJ ? Just by reading the lyrics it doesn't sound like a simple break up song to me...I mean even the title itself is like a BIG hint --> definition of "keep you head down" = to do or say as little as possible in order to avoid problems or arguments/ to do or say as little as possible in order to avoid attention. Isn't it like telling JYJ to stfu and just keep quiet ? After all, we all know that recently JYJ has been more talkative and open about the whole situation, the lawsuit and HoMin, TVXQ etc. so SM might want them to "keep their heads down" so as not to bring them more troubles, ne ?
And I was reading a post written by Heavenswine and she made me notice something I hadn't seen before. It's about the choreo of KYHD and here is the link to her post : heavenswine.livejournal.com/27111.html Quite interesting, ne ?
So OF COURSE, I know that HoMin didn't write the lyrics for KYHD and they didn't make the choreo either but still, they perform both and I find it quite troubling that these elements indirectly remind us of JYJ and the current situation. Too much "coincidences" for things to be truly innocent in my opinion...

I was also a bit disappointed by the fact that Homin (or SM, whatever) decided to make a come back under TVXQ's name. Didn't they say once that they could only be called TVXQ when they were the 5 of them ? So why are they acting as if TVXQ is only composed of 2 members now ? Just as a reminder SM DOES NOT OWN the name TVXQ/DBSK, the court refused them this right so this is not more legitimate for HoMin to keep this name than for JYJ.
And I have to agree with a lot of points from there : jyj3.wordpress.com/2011/01/06/full-trans-the-public-announcement-made-by-the-akadong-fancafe/ (read the comments too, it's interesting to know other people's opinion ^^).
And SM even created a new Cassiopeia and erased JYJ from both Cassiopeia's official page and TVXQ's official fanpage. Are they really being considerate of the fans by doing so ? I think not. W is composed of 5 stars, not 2, and so is TVXQ. Junsu, Yoochun and Jaejoong choose to perform under the name of JYJ because they know that the 3 of them can't be called TVXQ without HoMin but HoMin don't seem to mind being TVXQ without JYJ.
It also frustrates me that they are keeping silent on the issue and never ever mention JYJ or the lawsuit. We don't even know what they think about the current situation ! I know they might not be allowed to by SM but  then what are they if they accept to be muffled that way ? Isn't it a little bit too easy ?

Then I want to talk about Junsu's tweets. Here is what I found : jaechunsu.wordpress.com/2011/01/08/%E3%80%8Cmisc%E3%80%8Dpark-seungil-tweets-about-jaejoong-junsu-mr-eggs-reply-to-junsutvxq-conflict/  --> Thanks to John Egg for  clarifying some points.
I really didn't appreaciate all these idols from the so called "SM's family" butting in something which doesn't even concern them in the first place (because even if they are from the same company as HoMin, are friends with them and eventually trained with the 5 boys that doesn't make them a part of TVXQ) and tweeting disrespectful and harsh words such as "ungrateful", "traitor" etc. to Junsu. It's a shame because I  really like SuJu, I kind of like BoA and Trax too, but now I'm very disappointed in them. They shouldn't bash and gang up against one person just because they don't agree with this person, PERIOD.

An other controversy was about Yoochun's lyrics for "Untitled Song" that some judged insulting for HoMin. Well, sorry but the whole part "But I’m going to turn my back to you, since you already changed” isn't even from the song. Someone added it but Yoochun never wrote it. If you listen to the teaser or read the official lyrics you'll see:


2003 년 몇 개월 연습무대를 마치고 멤버들이 첫 시합을 가뿐히 해치운 우린 2004년 이달의 신인, 수많은 신인상 그것만으로 만족할 수가 없었던 우린 더 이상 참지 못하고 더 많은 걸 바라기 시작했다. 2005년 일본 진출, 한국에서처럼 모든 것이 수월할 줄 알았어. 첫 싱글 4000장을 기록하고 그 때부터 자신감은 추락하고 말았어. 되지도 않은 일어 매일 숙소와 회사만. 우릴 위한다는 감금 아닌 감금으로만. 지나친 고독과 눈물과 분노 이것이 우릴 하나로 만들었고 행여나 어떤 일이 있어도 헤어지지 말자며..


"Have I told you this kind of story before?
In 2003, for a few months, we finished our rehearsal stage, and the members easily cleared the first competition.
In this month of 2004, there were so many Newcomer Awards for Newcomers, such that we couldn't be satisfied.
We weren't able to endure anymore and we started wishing for more things.
In 2005 we branched into Japan, and we thought it would be easy like how it was in Korea.
But when our first single only recorded sales of 4000 copies, our confidence dropped.
Our Japanese couldn't even make it, Everyday the place we were living at and our company was an imprisonment that wasn't imprisonment meant for us.
Extreme loneliness, tears, rage; all of these made us united as one.
Even if anything were to happen by chance, we said that we would not leave each other..."

(English translation by DBSKnights)

But something made me even more confused about the whole situation and made me wonder if I wasn't too JYJ's biased (since Jaejoong is my bias and all). I came accross this blog which is very detailed and precise and has a lot of information about the lawsuit, the contract between SM and TVXQ etc. : truetvxq.blogspot.com/2011/01/my-thoughts-about-contract-and-lawsuit.html
And now, just when I thought things were getting clearer in my head, I don't know who to believe and what to think anymore. What do you guys think ? Was the contract really unfair or was it just a way for JYJ to leave SM ? Why did HoMin stay if the contratcs were so hard to bear with ? Is SM really that evil ? Who is telling the truth and who is lying ?
EDIT : I just found this blog wich also offers an analysis of DBSK's contracts with SM with a lot of references and documentations thejyjfiles.wordpress.com/2011/01/14/dbsk%E2%80%99s-contract-under-sm-from-the-perspective-of-international-human-rights-labour-and-intellectual-property-law/#comment-611
Both blogs help getting a clearer and better understanding of the reasons of the lawsuit so I advice you to click on these links and read carefully these 2 blogs.

Aish, I shouldn't think about it too much but it's driving me crazy >.< And to think that we will problably never exactly  know why it all really happened (or at least not before a long time) is even more frustrating :S
So I guess I'll just wait for the hearing the 18th and pray for the best for our 5 boys.

One last thing though, we all know that thanks to JYJ suing SM TVXQ's contract was reduced from 13 years since debut to 7 years since debut so, since we just celebrated TVXQ's 7th anniversary, the boys should be free from this contract soon, right ? Unless HoMin renew their contracts in order to stay with SM even longer (which I hope they won't do). But do you guys have any idea of how long left they have before the actual end of their contracts, since it can't be ended after exactly 7 years cuz the contract states that they have to fill for the times when they weren't able to follow their schedules (for example when they were sick or when Jaejoong had his DUI and was suspended from all activities etc.). If you do, please tell me ! :)

I don't know if anyone will read this post because it's a long rant but if you do please comment and share your opinion and thoughts with me, I like to read what others think ^^

And to make things clear I'm not an anti-Homin, even if I know I'm quite JYJ's biased ^^" I just wish for the 5 of them to clear all the misunderstandings between them and forget all the shit that happened...


I'm so sorry I know I should have updated my fic Be There or be Square during the holidays but I was very busy and really didn't have time to write. Futhermore I just learned a terrible and shocking news, one of my cousin's friend, whom I also knew, was raped and killed on New Year's night. At first I couldn't believe my cousin when she told me the news, I even thought she was joking because it seemed just too abominable to be true. Unfortunately it was. Fuck, I can't even tell you all the atrocities this poor girl had to endure before she died. I hope the monster who did that will stay in jail for the rest of his life ! It's so unfair that such an horrendous thing happened to her, she was only 17 for god's sake, I really want this bastard to die !!
And I imagine how awful it might be for her family to start 2011 in such an atrocious way. I can only pray for them to stay strong and for her to rest in peace.

Our world really is an hideous place.

So I don't really feel like writing for now, and even less writing smut, I think I'll be on hiatus for a little while, maybe 2 or 3 weeks and I'll see if I feel better. I hope my readers will understand...