Why don't they say anything ?! >.<

So many articles about JYJ these past days :D But something bothers me and I need to rant about it...Actually, I posted this as a comment on a post about Changmin's interview in tohosomnia</lj> and I was hoping that some people would react because I really want to discuss with you guys but nobody did so I'm gonna post it again on my lj  :

I'm happy to hear from him (Changmin) but it pisses me of that journalists always avoid asking questions about the current situation to HoMin. JYJ talked about it recently and they are being more and more honest and open about it but HoMin just keep silent, as if nothing had happened, as if they hadn't lost 3 of their members and it really annoys me ! >.< Don't misunderstand me, I love HoMin too but I would like to hear their thoughts about the lawsuit and JYJ and the future of TVXQ. I need to hear their side of the story, not only JYJ's D: The fact that JYJ are talking and telling us that they still want to sing and perform with HoMin and that they still consider themselves as members of TVXQ helps me to keep the faith while HoMin's silence makes me nervous and unsure :S I guess SME doesn't want them to talk about JYJ and the lawsuit but still, I feel frustrated T.T And JYJ even said that they didn't keep in contact with HoMin because HoMin changed their phone numbers :'( [I wonder if it's true though, since there were so many rumours and fanaccounts about YunJae meeting each other, the members calling each other and still being in good terms and as close as before...maybe they just didn't want SME to know that they still keep in touch ?]
I don't know if I'm the only one who thinks like that...^^"
Anyways, sorry for the long rant, I didn't realize it was this long hehe -_-"

(Reply to this) ---> please do, I want to hear your opinion on the matter :D

Be there or be square : chapter 19/?

Ok so I want to apologize for the lateness of my update, I swear I tried to update on thursday and I was almost done when my computer suddenly shut down. I don't even know why it happened but it did and I was soooo pissed that I just thought "fuck it"  so in the end I didn't post a new chapter. I'm sorry about that ^^" Plus, I'm also having my exams so I'm supposed to be revising and I'm quite stressed because I have 2 exams tomorrow and I don't feel ready at all :S But yeah, only one week left and then I will be in holidays !!! :D

Chapter 19 :
Purple Room

"What ?!" Jaejoong yells furiously. " Isn’t a private room reserved for sexual services ? I told you before that I wouldn’t have sex with any of my customers and the boss said he was fine with it ! As long as I earn money I can refuse to sleep with customers, and we all know I’m the n°1 money maker in this fucking place ! "
Read more...Collapse )

Kiss me thru the phone

I wrote this a few weeks ago during my american civilisation lecture.
I swear, this class is soooo boring. Well, it could be very interesting but the teacher is just...plain boring :S
Anyways, I hope it's not too bad, it's fluffy and fluff never hurts right ? ^^

Baby you know that I miss you
I wanna get with you tonight but I can’t
And that’s the issue
You know I miss you
I just wanna kiss you
But I can’t right now so baby kiss me thru the phone
Kiss me thru the phone
I’ll see you later on…
Kiss me thru the phone
Kiss me thru the phone
See ya when I get home…
And so Yunho did... :D

Be there or be square 18/?

As promised here is a longer chapter ^^ I hope you'll enjoy it...
Spot for samunin :)

Chapter 18 : Bad feeling

Jaejoong swears he almost chokes on his own saliva when he sees Yunho entering the door of the gay club he works in, and this only few hours after he just admitted he was in love with the bully. Read more...Collapse )

Be there or be square : chapter 17/?

Finally a new chapter hehe ^^"
I know it's short, and even very short,
but it's more a kind of interlude and I should post the next one, which is much longer, soon so be patient, ne ? :)
Spot for bexy31  who made me this cool layout :D Il est parfait,  thanks again dear  ♥
Oh, and I saw a few recent pics of Jaejoong and he looked soooo skinny :S It's almost frightening how thin he got D:

Chapter 17 :
Hate that I love you

Jaejoong doesn’t feel like coming back to class after the mini scandal he created earlier so he decides to wander in the empty hallways, praying not to get caught skipping class by some teachers randomly roaming in the school.
Fortunately he doesn’t, and finally settles on the roof of the building, lying on the cold and hard ground, eyes looking at the grey sky, his arms crossed behind his head.

And then he thinks. He thinks about how he ended up in this fucked up situation with Yunho. He thinks about what he should’ve done and what he shouldn’t have. He thinks about the way he feels every time he is near Yunho. He thinks of Yunho’s kisses, of the way they have sex, and he thinks about the way he can almost believe Yunho truly loves him during these short and rare moments when the latter hold him against his body after he orgasmed. He thinks about the way Yunho can so easily make him feel like shit without even having to try very hard. He thinks about how empty he is every time Yunho leaves him.

And then it hits him. He is fucking in love with Jung.Fucking.Yunho !

" No way." He tells himself." It can’t be, I hate him ! He is a jerk, an asshole, an heartless bastard."

But deep inside, he knows what the truth is. And he doesn’t like it one bit.

Help ?

Hello everyone ~

I'm trying to make a DBSK layout for my lj but I want it to be at the center and with the full picture visible and I just suck at this kind of stuff :S
I read the FAQS about layout etc. but I don't understand anything at this "code" thing and my layout is weirdly positionned now T_T Can someone help me please ? *puppy eyes*

Be there or be square 16/?

New chapter, I hope I didn't make you wait for too long hehe ^^"  

Chapter 16 : 
It sounds like rebellion but...

It doesn’t take long for Yunho to catch up with Jaejoong and when he does he quickly grabs the latter by his forearm and drags him to an empty classroom, locking the door behind them. Read more...Collapse )

Be there or be square : chapter 15/?

Helloooo my lovely readers !!! :D
I'm so exited because a few days ago I read an article on AllKPop about Yunho being casted in Poseidon and the name of his character is...Oh Yun Jae !! Like, seriously, do they really have to choose this name ?! I was spazzing like crazy when I saw that, I was like : "Oh Yun Jae" = "YunJae" = OMG, it's fate !! XD Gotta thanks the staff for that, they sure are YunJae shippers too X) I wonder how the boys reacted though...
But in an other hand I know there are all these ugly rumours about Yunho stealing JJ's role etc. and it pisses me off :S
Ok, I will stop rambling now, sorry about that ^^" I hope you'll enjoy this chapter :)

Chapter 15 : When the nerd turns wild, or at least tries to...

" Yo Jaejoong ! What’s up man ?" Joyfully welcomes Yoochun as soon as Jaejoong steps into the classroom the next day.Read more...Collapse )


I'm back !! :D Remember me ? ^^" 
So, here is a litlle oneshot (the plot is far from being original, I know, but it just came out this way :S).
Btw, next chapters of Be there or be square are on their way too :)
Did you guys see Jaejoong's new tatoo ? The one with Junsu and Yoochun's names on his back, what do you think about it ? I'm a bit sad because HoMin are, once again (same as Yoochun's tatoo), not included :( And I personally think that JJ should stop with the tatoos, I know it's his body but too much tatoos is too much.
And imagine how they will get when he grows old :S   Enough now, ok JJ ? ^^ 
And what do you think about JYJ'MV for Ayyy Girl ? (just curious XD)
OMO, I just realised something else, wintercandles19 deleted her journal !! Whyyyyy ? T.T

Author: kokoromiya7
Genre:  Romance, Angsty
Pairing: Yunjae
Rating:  PG ?
Length: oneshot
Summary: Because...너 라 고

So what if you’re gay ? What if you’re in love with a man ? What if you’re in love with him ? Wait…him ? Of course of all the men in the world it had to be him, your dear leader-shii, the manly and straight Yunho. Maybe you really are a masochist after all but you didn’t actually had a choice when you fell for him. And when you fell you fell hard. You tried to stop yourself but it was already too late. And it sucks, love sucks.

" Hey Yunho, what will you do if I was in love with you ? " Read more...Collapse )


I just felt like writing a oneshot hehe :)
Oh, it might be my last post before a long long time because I have a lot of work to do for uni and also tests coming and I still have problems with my computer that I've to solve so I think I'll be on hiatus for a while ^^"  I may just check my friends page, read some fics and comment on some others from time to time (just because I can't stay yunjae deprived for too long, even when I'm overwhelmed by stress and snowed under with work XD)  but I won't update afther this post. I don't know know when I'll be able to post again though so I hope you'll be patient and not loose interest in my fic Be There or be Square :S
Thanks a lot, see you in a while ^^ 

You knew it was wrong but you just couldn’t help it. The need was stronger, stronger than anything else, stronger than ever, and it was impossible to resist. But the young man stayed there, watching you, his big doe eyes staring back at you, so calm, so deep,  and you felt yourself falling into them.

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